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The Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN) is seeking submissions for its Climate
Mobility Africa
Insights publication series. If you are interested in authoring an Insights Policy Brief, 

read the Call for Submissions or email Submissions due 6 March 2024


The Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN) is a multidisciplinary, bi-lingual (EN+FR) network of researchers and policy makers working on displacement and migration in the context of disasters and climate change in Africa. CMARN was established in 2021 by researchers from across Africa and beyond with the goal of supporting the advancement of evidence-based law and policy responses to climate mobility in Africa. CMARN promotes policy-relevant research and create opportunities for collaboration and exchange between researchers and policy makers working in a wide range of fields, including: climate change, disaster risk management, migration, free movement of persons, transhumance, human rights, refugee protection, IDP protection and planned relocation.

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