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The Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN) is seeking submissions for its ClimateMobility Africa Insights publication series. If you are interested in authoring an Insights Policy Brief, read the Call for Submissions or email Submissions due 6 March 2024



Climate Mobility Africa Insights is a publication of the Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN), providing up-to-date analysis of key law and policy issues relating to climate mobility in Africa.


Policy Briefs
Fact Sheets



Climate Mobility and the Protection of Vulnerable
Groups under African Human Rights Law

Ademola Oluborode Jegede
Insights Policy Brief 1/2023

Incorporating Human Mobility into Disaster Risk Reduction
Laws, Policies and Strategies in African States

Nicodemus Nyandiko

Insights Policy Brief 2/2023

Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls in the Context of Climate Mobility in Africa

Oluwatoyin Adejonwo

Insights Policy Brief 3/2023

Transhumance and Livestock Development in the Context of Climate Change in West Africa: Impact on the Mobility of Pastoralists and Adaptation Strategies

Cheikh Tidiane Wade

Insights Policy Brief 4/2023


​What is Climate Mobility?

Insights Fact Sheet 1/2023

Key Laws and Policies: Human Rights

Insights Fact Sheet 2/2023

Key Laws and Policies: Refugee Law

Insights Fact Sheet 3/2023

Key Laws and Policies: Protecting IDPs

Insights Fact Sheet 4/2023

Climate Immobility

Insights Fact Sheet 5/2023


Kampala Ministerial Declaration on Migration,
Environment and Climate Change

Insights Fact Sheet 6/2023


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Learn more about Climate Mobility Africa Insights, and hear from the authors,

at our podcast celebrating the Insights launch. 



Climate Mobility Africa Insights is generously supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. To contribute to Insights Policy Briefs or Fact Sheets, please contact us at

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